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Dr. Laine Morales would like to welcome you to Pure Light Chiropractic. To make an appointment call 512.750.1512 or email purelightchiro@gmail.com

At Pure Light, we practice vitalistic chiropractic, a healing art that brings out more of what is right within you! We focus on helping your body function at its highest level by removing interference in your nervous system through the specific chiropractic adjustment.  When interference in your body is removed the effects are boundless.

At Pure Light we realize that the body, mind and soul are all interconnected, and our goal is to help you live a healthy, inspired life. We serve humanity with the healing art of chiropractic because each person deserves to live a clearer, more connected life.

“You cannot fight the darkness, you must turn on the light.  You cannot fight disease, you must turn on life.”