Can Chiropactic Help me Thrive?


Most people start seeing a Chiropractor because they are in pain. Pain is a valid concern, and Chiropractors are here to help, but pain relief is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of regular care!

The reason chiropractic heals pain is that it frees all interference in the nervous system, helping it function at an optimal level.  Without interference,family-s-happy-day-1358547-1600x1200 your brain is better at helping your bodily functions work synergistically.  Your body heals from the inside without need for medication or surgery.  Pain often disappears first, since it is the loudest of many symptoms your body uses to communicate imbalance.

With consistent chiropractic care (care even after the pain is gone), patients may start noticing other improvements. You may find that you sleep better, that your mood improves, or perhaps your allergies become less intense.  When your nervous system is free from spinal interference, your body can adapt to its environment more easily and help you heal naturally.

Where does this interference come from? The average person living in our society today has many stressors.  In the last 100 years, we have become exposed to way more chemicals than ever before, we are sitting more and exercising less than ever before, and we are exposed to a high amount of low level stresses (like watching violent TV, financial debts, and being isolated).  All of these stressors affect our physical body and cause interference in our nerve system.  Until we can all live like yogis, eating a simple diet, exercising everyday and meditating often, regular chiropractic care helps to process the everyday stresses of our modern society.

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