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Phone: 512.750.1512

“The beauty about Chiropractic is the fact that it works with natural means. It puts nothing new into the body, nor does it take away… it simply releases life forces within the body… and lets nature do the work in a normal manner”
~ BJ Palmer (founder/developer of Chiropractic)



Upper Star Accupuncture
Esoteric acupuncture works on the energy body, opens and balances the chakras, helping to clear blockages as it increases intuition allowing for a new paradigm of healing. Esoteric acupuncture can facilitate healing of the emotions and spirit, as well as the dense physical body. Dietary changes and meditation are both essential for those wishing to gain the most benefit from this style of acupuncture.


Mamashine Postpartum Clinic
Mariana Kurko, L.Ac
Accupuncture and Herbal Medicine

We cover all postpartum ailments such as fatigue, insomnia, digestive troubles, constipation, mastitis, low breastmilk, joint pain, depression, anxiety, irritability, immune system imbalance, and hormone imbalance. General postpartum balancing treatments are also available for the first 9 weeks postpartum. Services include: Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Birth Trauma Healing, and Postpartum Home Study E-Courses. Natural prevention and treatment of postpartum mood disorders is her specialty.

Sage Acupuncture
Natural Pregnancy Care 
For over a decade Sage Acupuncture has been devoted to treating fertility, pregnancy, pediatrics, and women’s health. Our team of practitioners are known for their skill and compassionate care.
Stephen Andrews, L..Ac.
Drawing from his background in a variety of therapies, as well as his background in Qi Gong, Stephen’s greatest love is the opportunity to facilitate his patient’s journey into better health and well-being. He really enjoys working with clients that have difficult aliments that haven’t responded to  other therapies, specializing in allergies and emotional wellness.


Natural Dentistry

Elizabeth Rayne, DDS
1221 W Ben White Blvd Ste 110A
Austin, TX  78704


Physical Therapy

Ascent Physical Therapy


Core Pilates and Therapy


Sullivan Physical Therapy
Sullivan Physical Therapy specializes in women’s health which is defined as diagnoses and treatments that address impairments of the low back, pelvis and pelvic floor including cesarean, episiotomy and scar pain; constipation and Irritable Bowel Syndrome; incontinence (fecal, gas and urine); low back, Sciatica and tailbone pain: painful sex and menstruation: pre/post natal pain and weakness; post surgical (hysterectomy); and urgency (bladder and bowel).




Misti Buie
Holistic Nutritionist
Specializing in pre and postnatal nutrition, Misti revitalizes health and wellness by reshaping eating habits. She educates clients about the benefits of incorporating nutrient-dense, whole foods into their lives. Misti provides individually tailored meal plans, grocery shopping lists, and recipes to accommodate clients’ needs, goals, and specific diets. In addition, she is available for refrigerator and pantry makeovers, as well as assisting with preparing, cooking and storing meals in your kitchen.  All of her packages are specific to clients’ needs.

Massage/ Bodywork


Hannah Ford
Belly Love Massage
Prenatal and postnatal massage
Hannah specializes in the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy for fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, and general women’s health. She offers postnatal outcall massages, couples’ massage, and couples’ massage classes, and is happy to provide relaxation massage or deep release of chronic tension as well.


Melanie Wattles
Child Massage Instructions
Baby Strokes classes teach parents about the benefits of infant and child massage for both the well baby and child and those suffering from illness or with special healthcare needs. Parents and Caregivers will learn how to massage their child and what oils are safe to use. The class also reviews infant states and cues. Classes are offered in both a small group setting and an individual class typically held in a client’s home.  Gift certificates and custom gift baskets are available.


Athena Jezik
Cranio-Sacral Therapy
With 28 years experience, Athena Jezik has mastered the art of subtle work.  From head and spine injury to headaches, post-op, TMD, congestion issues, stress, and a host of other discomforts; Athena’s work can help people reach a deep relaxed state so relief is found and healing can happen.


Christina Meehan
Sole Symphony
Ashiatsu Massage
1704 1/2 S Congress Ave Ste R
Austin, TX 78704


Jennifer Lambright
Theta healing and massage
Jennifer’s work is inspired by the mind, body, spirit connection. Clients are amazed at the aha moments they have and how they are able to shift into alignment with what they most want to create, as a result of Intuitive Energy Healing Sessions. As a massage therapist she is sought after due to her holistic approach which focuses on both energetic and physical levels.




M. Rayner Dickey, M.D.
Holistic Family Medicine
1604 Nueces St.
 Austin, TX 78701
We are a full service cash based holistic family practice. We focus on prevention and optimizing health.


Dr. Linda Carney
Family Practice Physician
1760 Farm-to-Market 967, Buda, TX 78610


Valerie Wheelock, MD
Barton Creek Pediatrics
7004 Bee Cave Rd
Bldg 1 Ste 210 78746
We provide complete, personalized care for your children with a personal, small-office feel.  Home visits are also available.


Jennifer Pollard, MD
4701 West Gate Blvd, Bldg. A
In addition to conducting annual well examinations for patients over the age of sixteen, Dr. Pollard offers wellness-oriented preventative care and guidance, nutritional assessment, acute problems, sick visits, chronic medical problems and integral care coordination for complex cases that require multiple practitioners.




Genevieve Schaefer
Sisters Midwifery                                   
Genevieve Schaefer is a home birth midwife practicing in central Texas. She finds great pleasure and honor in lovingly helping babies to be born into the arms of their parents in the privacy and comfort of their own homes. Her focus is assisting the women she serves in having an informed, supported and empowered childbearing year that includes shared decision-making, emotional support, fitness, nutritional counseling and community.


Mandy Toavs, LM, CPM
Heirloom Midwifery


Jayme Moore CPM, LM
Kate Griffin CPM, LM
Tandem Midwifery
The midwives at Tandem Midwifery are honored to care for women in central texas during the childbearing year. We offer comprehensive, caring and individualized prenatal, birth, postpartum and fertility care.


Julia Bower CNM
Laurie Fremgen CPM
Honeydue Homebirth
Combining over 35 years of experience, Julia and Laurie bring a wealth of loving knowledge to your care. We also provide group prenatals and mother gatherings, which give you an opportunity to meet our other clients and form friendships as you navigate your pregnancy, birth and new motherhood experience.


Baby Blossom
Sarah Chrastina
Birth Doula and Childbirth Educator
My job is to help a woman and her partner achieve the birth they desire and to the couple’s wishes and goals. I don’t make decisions for my clients or expect them to give birth in any particular way — I give my clients the information they need to make good birth choices and I support their decisions.
Pamela Bailey-Good
Lactation and Labor Support
A doula since late 2012,  Pamela trained through the DONA International program. It is her honor and her passion to help women through pregnancy, labor and breastfeeding and to help them feel empowered by the choices they have during this stage of motherhood. As a doula, she supports all types of families with all types of birth choices.  She has experience with VBACs, home births, hospital births and working in birth centers.


Austin Born
Pregnancy and Postpartum support

AustinBorn is a heartfelt community for families to connect and learn as they grow. It’s a welcoming space offering boutique services, comprehensive classes, exceptional birth and postpartum doula support, and a judgment-free community to all families.

Birth Centers


Birthwise Birthing Center   


Austin Area Birthing Center


Birth Classes

Baby Blossom
Sarah Chrastina
Birth Doula and Childbirth Educator
My job is to help a woman and her partner achieve the birth they desire and to the couple’s wishes and goals. I don’t make decisions for my clients or expect them to give birth in any particular way — I give my clients the information they need to make good birth choices and I support their decisions.


Lanell Coultas 
Birthing from Within


Lactation Consultants

Breanna Duncan, BSN, RN,IBCLC, RLC
The Mama Mantra
The Mama Mantra provides comprehensive breastfeeding guidance for families in the greater Austin area. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of service with the goal of supporting, promoting and protecting breastfeeding in its many forms. The Mama Mantra is passionate about serving the community and helping families realize their breastfeeding goals. The Mama Mantra provides in-home lactation consults, phone/teleconference consults, prenatal breastfeeding classes and a breastfeeding support group.
Lauren Reyes
Janet Jones
Breastfeeding Success                                
The Breastfeeding Success Company offers comprehensive lactation services including in-home, online, and telephone consultations. We also offer breastfeeding classes for families and birth professionals. Our goal is to help families and providers find their own breastfeeding success.
Dawn K. Martin

Post-Partum Resources

Kristen Lucas
Postpartum Doula

Providing postpartum “fourth trimester” doula support for mamas and their families. In the comfort of their own homes, Kristen offers transitional support to families after they welcome a new baby. Kristen sits down with each family to discuss their specific needs and offers day and overnight support. Services include troubleshooting breastfeeding problems, newborn care assistance, meal planning, sibling support, light housecleaning, etc.

Illysa Foster, M.Ed
Mamababy Therapy 
Post-Partum Therapy
Illysa offers a strong and nurturing holding space promotes exploration of personal struggles, strengths and growth opportunities through talk therapy, mindfulness meditation, body-centering movement therapy, and other creative therapeutic models.  With support for deep work, clients delve into areas of vulnerability and resiliency to heal and live more freely and become more fully authentic in their relationships with themselves and others.


Baby Safe Homes
Veronica Johnson
We are a professional, same-day baby proofing service.  It is our mission to provide families with peace of mind by creating an environment for their babies and toddlers to explore, learn and grow safely.


Carrie Harper
The Diastasis Recti Recovery System is a system to help anyone suffering from Diastasis Recti and other core injuries, as well as improve posture and reduce pain. Carrie Harper invented the system after injury, surgery, recovery, and years of working with others on how to heal and recover naturally and effectively. Carrie is a Pre and Post Natal fitness expert and a Certified Health Coach with 22 years of fitness education experience. The course is designed to lead you through 6 weeks of therapy system. It includes the diagnostic tools, charts, entire therapy systems, videos, cheat sheets, and an exit plan. Carrie leads the class on Udemy and answers any questions you may have.
Pure Light Chiropractic and Carrie Harper work together for your best core healing techniques. Click here to look over the Diastasis Recti Recovery System and receive $15 off the course:


Fitness During Pregnancy


Tatum Rebelle
Total Mommy Fitness  
Perinatal Fitness Coach                           
The Total Mommy Fitness method is a holistic approach to health and fitness, which has reached tens of thousands of busy moms all over the world with advice on how to stay fit physically and mentally, since founded by Tatum Rebelle in 2005. “I feel very passionate about giving pregnant women the education and support they need to stay fit,” Tatum explains. “Knowing that the benefits of exercise during pregnancy will have lasting effects on both moms and their babies is what keeps me motivated to reach as many women as possible with this powerful information.”


Austin Prenatal Yoga            


Yoga Yoga




Eloise Terry, LMSW
Eloise Terry is a Licensed Master Social Worker providing individual and group therapy to adults. Eloise believes the relationship between therapist and client is built upon trust, compassion and honesty. This is critical in helping clients begin to find light at the end of the tunnel, and the best version of themselves.


KidWorks Therapy Services provides occupational, speech and physical therapy to children birth -18 years. We see children for sensory motor, gross motor, fine motor, speech, language and feeding concerns. We look forward to meeting you and your child!


“Being 57 Years old, I thought some pain and discomfort were a normal thing and I just had to get used to it.  However, when my neck started to be stiff most of the time and I could not sleep well at night…I decided to seek help.  Dr. Laine had generously extended an invitation for adjustments to the members of the Human Potential Center, so I decided to give it a try, but I never imagined it would make such a great difference!  My pain and stiffness are gone, and I feel much more energetic.  Dr. Laine has done quite a bit of “bedside education” as well, and as a result my life style has been gradually improving.  I feel so much younger and healthier than when I started!  I intend to keep recieving weekly adjustments forever!” ~ Laura M.