Pregnancy and Kids

Pediatric Chiropractic

 At Pure Light we specialize in creating a better quality of life for all people.  This includes infants and children as well!  A Chiropractic adjustment removes interference from your body’s nervous system and helps kids connect to their innate ability to heal.

Our nervous system develops the most in our first 6 years of life.  Interference in this system prevents our children from developing optimally.  The spine of a child can be compromised in many ways:  the birth process, falls, learning to walk or crawl, unhealthy diet, childhood sports, even the way we change their diapers.

everett adjustment

The good thing is that if you get your child checked on a regular basis, it is so much easier to correct their spinal misalignments at a young age instead of after they become older and have had the misalignments for years.  I recommend getting your child checked every time they hit a milestone or anytime they are under new stresses (physical, chemical or emotional).

Adjusting an infant/child is much more gentle than adjusting an adult.  Children’s spines are mostly made of cartilage instead of bone, so it takes much less force to adjust them.  A spinal adjustment looks like a series of gentle taps on different parts of the spine.  Depending on the age of the child and circumstance, most children do not mind or feel bothered by an adjustment.

Regular adjustments for children can help with colic, sleep, behavioral issues, allergies, bed wetting, ear infections and many other issues.  Regular adjustments also increase the immune system which is vital to our little ones.  If you want your child to thrive, bring him in to get an adjustment today! For research and more information on pediatric chiropractic, visit

Prenatal Chiropractic 

Perinatal chiropractic, meaning chiropractic before conception, during pregnancy, and post-partum, can be a tremendous help for moms.  Because chiropractic care helps your nervous system function optimally, it can also help your reproductive system work optimally.  A healthy nervous system as well as proper nutritional counseling and stress reduction can help create a more fertile ground for conception.

While you are pregnant, your body goes through many physical and hormonal changes.pregnant  Changes in your center of gravity, relaxed ligaments, and excess weight gain can all put strain and stress on your skeletal system.  Chiropractic helps to keep your pelvis aligned and relaxed which helps with baby positioning, decreased low back pain, and shortened labor times (click to see research).  Help to take the stress off your pregnancy by getting regular adjustments during this time of your life.

Post-partum care is often most important and most overlooked for new moms.  After having your baby, your body spends the next several months tightening up those relaxed ligaments and getting your body to feel like it did before pregnancy.  This is the perfect time to properly align your body through chiropractic care so that everything goes back into the proper position.  Additionally, the lack of sleep, constant breast feeding and carrying of your child can really affect your body.  Most women experience upper back pain and neck pain which can be remedied by regular post-partum adjustments.  Help your body adapt to the new changes of motherhood through chiropractic care!